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Recording Studios Devon Recording Studio Plymouth - April Media Productions
Our Clients

Our clients range from bands, solo artists, media companies including work for television, radio and podcasts, record labels etc...
Over the years, we have worked with thousands of people covering a diverse array of audio/visual projects.

Latest Projects / Clients
Dawn French Seth Lakeman Ubisoft Games
Mantaraybryn Flash Jack Captain & The Hook
Orangutan Wheelbarrow Jessica Sweetman Rock n' Roll Outlaws
Helical Strake Jack Bartlett ft. Becca Langsford Amisee
Ben Howard The Waterboarders Kyle Coleman
Skeleton Crew Roadside The Charvels
Seeker Raspberry Fish Stephanie Coombes
Retro Stereo Bring The Plague Humanation
Out Of The Boxes Setting Circles The Fret
Benz Bluestar 3 Strand Minstrelsy
Swaines Gold Florence Bonner Francisco Guillen
Ophelia The Brickbat Project Sparkle Speak Language Resources
Amisee Seeker Dust & Gasoline
Idle Hands Jessica Sweetman ft.Vince Lee Waterboarders
Humanation Raspberry Fish Crash Artists
Joker Ross Symons Girls Night Out Choir
Tom Nicholas Dom Helson Stacked
Rachel Ball The Chinas Wood
Chrissie Dee Celine Dos Santos The Roosters
Richard Woodward Huron Syruss
Eskape The Crossing The Inflicted
See Yellow Doghouse Blues Band Dumber than The Average Bear
Matt Haynes Denada Shoot The Crow
The Undescribables Sarah Haseler Hanging Johnny
Stephanie Coombes Offshore Drift Rough Cut
The Cougars Phil James Woodside Charity Project
Dead City Knights Funky Divas Yakbone
Anna Lilley Corsellis Erika
April Lights The Unstable Fabulists Renault / Ellen MacArthur
Dan Triscott Offshore Drift Simon Anning
Jessica Sweetman Katie Jaye Stalking Tyler
Rory Gilmore Jenny Keegan Hillside Heroes
Peter Fisher Carlton Family Band Danger Saints
Stalking Tyler Facing Evolution Run Of The Mill
The Signals Jemma Rycroft Jennifer McAteer
Grifter Eva D'Sousa Heretic
Elva Osk Racket Scientists Full Speed Alone
Friday Night Tuxedo Eleven Lives Left Damerels
Sangreal Stephen Jago Spiderbaby
The Bus Station Loonies Yakbone Koala Attack
Dirty Fashions Good Men Do Nothing Steve Kaye

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